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When reality goes beyond fiction !

My clients asked me to express a view on the purchase of a property advertised as a beautiful 3 bedroom duplex.

Beauty is very subjective so let’s not discuss this aspect.

Let’s focus on everything I HIGHLIGHTED to my clients … there is enough to say there ….

- 2 of the 3 bedrooms did not qualify as such as they are too small,

- The duplex exists only on the brochure; the land registry recorded it as an apartment with an attic,

- The attic was converted without any authorization,

- But guess what … the Commune does not allow for attic conversions!

The morale of the story ?

If you do not speak fluent French

If you do not know the local legislation

If you want to save yourself time, worry and money,

Call on the expert whose job is to analyse and visit properties.

Our gsm is 621 355 207

Our office is in Capellen at 111b Route d'Arlon

Or just click now for more information on how you will save you time, worry and money

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