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The privacy policy and the management of personal data, described below, govern the way in which we treat your personal data, communicated voluntarily and through the following intermediaries:

- Our site,

- The real estate platforms on which we offer our real estate ads,

- E-mails sent to one of the official Monde Avenir e-mail addresses.

- Or in the event that they are transmitted to us by sharing physical documents.


Our main objectives are to respect the trust you place in us and to protect the personal data that you share with us.


List of data that we may ask you and collect as part of the services offered by Monde Avenir:

- Your first and last name,

- Your contact details: email address, telephone number, postal address,

- Your electronic identifiers, such as your IP address,

- Your preferences in terms of real estate search,

- Documents that allow us to verify your identity, as a precondition for the use of some of our products in order to meet regulatory and legal requirements,

- Documents on your financial situation which allow us to verify that you are able to use our products,

- Your agreement to receive our newsletters and other regular communications,

- Your opinion on our services and the way you heard about Monde Avenir.

You can refuse to provide us with the information requested but we cannot, in the event of refusal, offer you some of our services.


The sharing of your personal data is limited to the following people and organizations:

- Employees, subcontractors and other partners of Monde Avenir, with whom we have a collaboration agreement, and as part of their mission,

- Our partners who offer the products and services we provide to you,

- Anyone with whom you authorize us to share them,

- Official bodies responsible for detecting criminal activities such as money laundering, theft, fraud, terrorism or cybercrime.

Your data is never offered for sale.


Web browser cookies

Cookies are data files that are automatically generated when a user accesses our website These cookies are stored on the user's computer / tablet / mobile, but they cannot access users' hard drives; they do not transmit viruses.


They are initiated by us, they are accessible by the owner of the site and the users; as a user, you have the power to deactivate them.


There are several types of cookies; the ones we use are so-called "performance and analysis" ones. They record your movements on our site and the information that you can leave there and therefore, they are legally considered as personal data.

They allow us to continuously improve our website and provide you with the best possible online experience. In this context, we do not store any personal data and we cannot identify you personally.


By deactivating them, you run the risk of not being able to access all the features of our site and all the services we offer you through it.


Your data is collected for the sole purpose of being used as part of the services offered by Monde Avenir.


Your data can be recorded, kept, sorted, updated, selected, extracted, compared, interconnected, blocked, deleted.

All of the above activities, carried out independently of each other or in combination, are useful to us in the context of our services and in the analysis of preferences recorded during navigation on our website (to the extent necessary for the pursuit of the purposes for which the data was collected).


More specifically, your personal data is used for the following activities:

- Provide you with the professional service for which you have contacted us,

- Provide you with a customer support service in the context of rentals and this until the end of the lease contracts,

- Contact you within the framework of general or more specifically targeted marketing campaigns; as part of regular marketing campaigns, you always have the possibility to unsubscribe from newsletters,

- The compilation of statistics for our internal information and in order to improve our services,

- In the context of other legislation to which we must comply, in particular those concerning anti-money laundering laws (see section specially dedicated to this subject)


Your data is kept for a variable period depending on the commercial relationship we have and according to the various regulations, such as accounting or anti-money laundering, to which we must comply.

Your data in physical files are kept under lock and key in the premises of Monde Avenir.

Digital data is stored in software and on platforms with secure access, to which only Monde Avenir has access.

The access codes are themselves stored according to a security protocol deemed appropriate.

Digital data may be transferred and stored outside the European Economic Area (EEA) where it is managed by suppliers outside the EEA.


Our service providers have developed their own privacy policies and data protection protocols.

We have selected these suppliers knowing that they have developed their own protocols. Nevertheless, Monde Avenir cannot exercise control over the practices of these suppliers.


The site contains links to other websites and social networks. Monde Avenir cannot exercise control over the content and practices of these sites and networks, nor assume responsibility for their content. The presence of these links does not mean that Monde Avenir approves the information contained on these sites and networks. Consequently, Monde Avenir cannot be held responsible for a dispute arising between a site referenced on the site and a user of the site


The data protection protocol was established following an audit by a third party. Monde Avenir has implemented all possible and necessary security.

However, no data transmitted over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for events resulting from unauthorized access to your personal information.


At any time, you can ask us:

- What personal data concerning you is in our files,

- To amend your personal data,

- To stop the storage and use of your data, as long as we are no longer legally obliged to keep it.


We reserve the right to change our protocol at any time, so we advise you to check this page regularly. We will post all our possible changes there as they are made.


All our measures and protocols are in compliance with the laws in force, applicable in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and gathered under data protection (CE) 2016/679 of 25 May 2018.

We also rely on other legal bases that we must respect in the course of our business activities.


General conditions of use of our site


The site can be consulted in its entirety free of charge.


The information concerning our products and contained on our site and in our advertising documents, is provided by the selling parties, lessors or one of their Representatives. Monde Avenir S.àr.l. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of this information, and does not endorse any of the opinions expressed; the company is therefore not responsible for errors, omissions, misrepresentations, lack of information, or for the information and ideas expressed on our paper and digital media.


Information concerning our products does not represent an offer to sell, nor an invitation to buy or invest, nor an offer to rent, nor an inducement to rent; they are only offered for information to those who consult them. In addition, this information has no legal, financial or investment advisory value.


We strongly recommend that buying or investing parties, who remain solely responsible for making the purchase, or investment decision, exercise due diligence taking into account all legal, tax, financial and investment considerations that could result from the purchase of one of our products or projects presented.


January 2021

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