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We are your local real estate agency,
close to all residents
and future expatriates,
for all your real estate
and interior design projects.

Monde Avenir S.à.r.l. was created by Claire Aumont in 2013.

Claire, a French national, started her professional career as an accountant. Positions of responsibility with Alstom, IBM and Whirlpool gave her a comprehensive understanding of business practices and of the rigours of professionalism.

Her long-standing love of interior architecture eventually prompted her to reconsider her professional choices. After studying interior design for 4 years and gaining a qualification with the Rhodec International School, she ran a successful practice in Ireland for 10 years while also tutoring students in the same field.

Personal circumstances brought her to Luxembourg, where she saw an opportunity to further her knowledge. She qualified as an estate agent and, thanks to her unique combination of skills, now offers an exceptional portfolio of complementary services within a single company.

All of her adult life, Claire has committed to doing voluntary work; she is currently on the board of Luxembourg Accueil Information.

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