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Think outside the box

You are young and you have an enviable professional career

😒 You have started putting money aside but your savings are not sufficient for the down payment on a property

😟 Your borrowing power is not sufficient either

🤔 Have you thought about buying a property with co-investors?

A few tips for your search ! Look for a property

1️⃣ in a neighbourhood that is cheaper than most

2️⃣ with public transports close by

3️⃣ in which there is no renovation work to be done

4️⃣ that is a few years old, rooms will be larger and co-living more confortable

5️⃣ with a good rental return

👍 With Monde Avenir, it is possible !

➡️ Contact us to find out our portfolio of interesting investment properties.

📲 / +352 621 355 207

☕️ 111b route d’Arlon à Capellen L-8311


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