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The law of June 30, 2022 on the new works fund

This fund will be mandatory and effective from August 1, 2023.

It replaces the old reserve fund but remains intended to set aside a fund for future work in the apartment blocks.

Each property management company will remain responsible for its creation and management. It will continue to identify the work needed in the near future and will collect from each owner a sum which will be calculated at minimum according to the thermal insulation class and the m2 identified on the Energy Passport (see scale below).

Unsurprisingly, the work that can be provisioned now clearly includes energy renovation work and work to build energy production and storage facilities from renewable energy sources, in the common areas.

Like the previous one, this fund will not be transferable when selling an apartment.

Scale of minimum annual contributions for the entire building in euros per m2:

From class A+ to class C included: 3 euros / m2

Classes D & E: 5 euros / m2

From class F to class I included: 6 euros / m2

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