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Our clients' gains

—> They paid the right price for the right number of m2 in the given area,

—> They added value to their property by renovating only where it mattered,

—> They pulled out of deals through which they would have borne other property owners’ debts.



                                                                      What we do



Whether you are buying without an estate agent or you simply wish

to have an external opinion,


1/ We review all the documents related to the property and its location


2/ We give you all the arguments for a successful negotiation


3/ We advise you on what to include in the Compromis de Vente

Signing a Contract
Happy Businessman

Here are some of the questions

we addressed 

As the new owner of the apartment, how much of the future renovation work will I have to pay for?

What could make the communal charges suddenly and unexpectedly very expensive ?

How do I know what is the habitable surface or what is not ?

How do I check if the asking price is over estimated ?

Is a right away an issue ?

What is worth renovating before I sell my property ?

What kind of extension will add value to my property ?

Check our prices for a consultation that can save you money, worry and time !

Not convinced yet ?
Consider the cost of a consultation and that of a bad transaction !
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A testimonial from a client, Jan O., who first was a tenant of ours before deciding to jump on the property ladder:

Here is what he has to say about it:

What did this service bring you?

“It brought me a confidence and certainty when deciding to work and live in Luxembourg.”

What would you say to someone who is a buyer like you?

Find a reliable trustworthy agent as Claire is.

A testimonial from a client, Peter M., who contacted us when he found a property which appealed to him. Wanting to be sure he was making the right move, he asked us to review some of the property data.

"Given our specific needs and nature of the Luxembourgeois property market, we had been looking around for a while, both at properties but also doing our homework.  Suddenly we came upon our property and, of course, then everything has to go quickly. Inevitably, a clutch of questions suddenly pop up that we wanted to get clarity on before proceeding. Monde Avenir proved a valuable resource in getting us there. Not only were they reactive, they helped us get our bearings swiftly, reassuring us with a clear and concise outline of what was important to understand about the situation and how to obtain the relevant information. We thus managed to clarify some structural questions about the property that were not immediately obvious. They also guided us in our interactions with the property owners and their real estate agency. We enjoyed a very positive experience with Monde Avenir. Their professional approach and expert guidance helped us obtain the clarity we needed to move ahead. Our only regret is not to have engaged Monde Avenir earlier. Thanks a lot!







Read our serie in which we described some of the situations our clients have encountered and how we intervened to help them same money, time and pitfalls.

Case study 1 : IS WHAT I VISITED FOR SALE ? 


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