Is what I visited for sale ?

This seems like such a stupid question that most visitors will not even think about it… Yet ….

Is what I visited really for sale ?

Clients of ours asked us to accompany them to their 2nd visit to an apartment, which they really liked. Concerned that they could be blinded by how much the property appealed to them, they sought an external opinion. We visited and saw for ourselves how attractive the ground floor apartment was and how it would be very pleasant to walk out onto a lovely terrace for a barbecue with friends.

At Monde Avenir we are reputed for being meticulous but hey, by reviewing the property paperwork, we found out that the apartment vendor did not own the terrace !

Realising that there was no terrace and that consequently, the asking price was over market price, our clients decided not to waste their money. They invested in a better priced property.... with a terrace.

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