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1 / No waiting!

The property is generally free on the day the Deed of Sale is signed,

2 / Of course you pay registration fees but the recorded price represents the total value of the property acquired.

When you buy a property off plan / under construction, the recorded price is based on a Technical Specification List. This Technical Specifications List is often limited with a minimum of electrical or sanitary equipment, a limited budget for the choice of floor and wall coverings, without provision for the kitchen or exterior fittings.

3 / You can benefit from the Tax Credit

The Bëllegen Akt allows each buyer to reduce registration costs by 20,000 euros.

4 / You know the common charges in advance

When you purchase an apartment in a residence, you pay monthly management fees. When you purchase an apartment under construction, these charges are estimated (often under-estimated to attract customers); when you purchase an existing property, these charges are real and known.

5 / You see for yourself the state of construction of the property before the purchase.

And if you don't feel able to evaluate it yourself, you can bring in an expert.

In short, you know what you are signing for! No bad surprises afterwards.

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