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Here’s, in 3 words, the exact process I use to look for a property for my clients:     


We all hear the slogan but what does it really mean for you when looking for a place to live?

-       A safe neighbourhood ?

-       A town close to the capital city ?

-       A place popular with resident profiles similar to yours ?


We introduce to you another argument …the search triangle.

If you are a family with young children,


You know where you will work,

You know which school your children will attend,

Therefore you can deduct the best possible areas to set up your home

Based on the following criteria:

-       The free public transport, tram, buses, and trains,

-       The school buses,

-       Peak time traffic if you travel by car.

Consider places which offer good commutes as opposed to places which are the closest to work and schools.

If you have no children, you may consider entertainment places, such as cycling paths, sport clubs.

It is all about managing efficiently your time and your day-to-day life.

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