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5 reasons to buy a second-hand apartment rather than a new off-the-plan apartment

• For a similar surface area and in the same municipality, the price of old apartments is lower than that of new apartments; moreover, the price of the latter is increasing more rapidly each year.

• The life of a building is recorded by the management company and any buyer can therefore consult the minutes of general meetings to see if there have been, for example, any defects in the construction. Unpleasant surprises, if there are any, are for most of them already identified and therefore recorded in a document.

• In the case of an old apartment, the charges are actual ones; in the case of a new apartment, sold off-plan, the charges are estimated by the developer with the risk that they are underestimated to make the sale more attractive.

• The apartments are getting smaller, on the one hand to satisfy rental demand on the other hand to counteract the sharp increase in sale prices. It is now common for a master bedroom to be only 10 to 12m2 and you do not know where to place your wardrobes and dressers.

• When you buy a new apartment, your decision is based on presented floor plans and on a list of anticipated technical specifications. Not always easy to understand what the apartment will look like, whereas in the case of an older apartment you see what you are buying.

These are some relevant criteria to take into account during your purchase.

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