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5 strong selling points

Walkthrough of the property

Technical specifications

Property dimensions

Geographical location

Financial and fiscal considerations

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Recap of the key data 

P84 pictures

6 bedrooms

3 bathrooms


12 cars

858 m2 / 19 ares

Built in 2009

P208 Sellin points


This property is rare by many aspects:

  • Its exceptional location, south oriented, on the hill above a quaint village and overlooking the vineyards,

  • Its proximity with Luxembourg-Ville which is accessible in 20 minutes via the A1 motorway,

  • Its technical specifications which make this property very performant and efficiently managed,

  • Its architectural beauty with its straights and simple lines as well as with the seamleess connection it offers between indoor and outdoor,

  • The lifestyle it offers between comfort, enjoyment and functionality.


P84 Walkthrough
00744 um Kecker.jpg

What an impressive entrance hall !

Spacious with an easy to read layout, spaces quickly unveil themselves and already we are drawn to the outdoors.

The glass panels lead the guests towards : 

the living rooms on the right handside,

the swimming pool area ahead,

or the galery of the upper level from where on can admire other equally interesting vistas.

00844 um Kecker.jpg

This property has been designed first for pleasure so take a jump in the pool where temperature is constant. The air is controlled and permanently dehumidified. Then take a rest by the side of the water, on the balcony or on the terrace beside; the large glass doors slide open fully for you to enjoy the outside spaces. Admire the surrounding views; the guardrails also are in glass and the small trees below cut to the right size for maximum visibility. 

On the other size of the glass wall, inside, a drink is waiting for you at the bar !

00144 um Kecker.jpg

From the entrance hall, the living space unveils itself:

First a bar conecting the swiming area to the living room,

Then the sitting room with its open fire (with an external air vent) and its home cinema (TV & Sono 5.1), both integrated, the dining room and finally the kitchen.

This kitchen is designed for cooking, the units are from Boffi and the appliances from Gaggenau : induction hob, oven, steam oven, microwave, fridget and wine fridge, all integrated.

What's more: the hood is equipped with strong extraction and a cancelling, independantly controlled and warm air influx system.

What you do not see : the pantry with its integrated fridge and freezer.

01444 um Kecker.jpg

The parental suite is located on the ground floor and is accessible from both the entrance hall and the swimming area.

The bedroom opens onto the garden.

The dressing is a double one, custom-made; reflecting sliding doors bounce light of each other and enhance all the garnment preciously stored.

The bathroom deserve the superior description of a wellness centre. Equipped with a Finnish sauna, a shower / hammam, a jacuzzi bath and Japanese w.c.. This space will allow you to rest while pampering yourself.

01544 um Kecker.jpg

Coming up from the entrance hall, the majectic gallery on the 1st floor progressively reveals itself as the mural decorations which decorate it, do also.

This level comprises 2 wings :

The left wing includes 2 bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom, and a 3rd one currently laid out as a study.

The right wing includes a master suite with a dressing and bathroom, as well as another bedroom currently laid out as a library / music room (with sound proofing insulation). There is obviously only one step from the inside onto the covered terrace and the sun deck.

020_44 Um Kecker.jpg

The basement is vast and includes:

  • A large garage for 12 cars,

  • A shower room, "mud room" style,

  • A shoe dressing room,

  • A wine cellar with temperature control,

  • Storage rooms,

  • Control rooms for the heating system, the ventilation system, the pool management and the automation.

02444 um Kecker.jpg

The outdoor space is fully landscaped, the front and the access to the garage are paved on stabilised sand. The slope to the garage and the waste room is heated; rain water is collected and stored underneath until used for the automatic watering system.

The gardens at the back are terraced and blend in with the vineyards just below. Walls are in dry masonry, the most fragile trees, such as the palm trees and the olive tree, are protected by a partly buried heated system.


visible or not, which make of this villa an exceptional property.

Structural specifications:

  • Building in horizontal and vertical reinforced concrete slabs, with thermal insulation and insulated façades,

  • Pre-patinated zinc roof,

  • Schüko aluminium window and door frames, with triple glazing (and burglar-proof on the ground floor),

  • Railings with clipped and screwed glass panels.

Fit-out specifications:

  • Stone tiles on floors, walls and swimming pool,

  • Parquet floors in all bedrooms,

  • Tiles on all bathroom floors and walls,

  • Granit tiles on the garage floor,

  • W-Vier sound proofing system in the library.

Heating and ventilation specifications:

  • Under-floor heating and acoustic insulation under each floor, ground floor and upstairs, radiators in the basement rooms, electric heated towel rails in bathrooms and a monitoring sub-station on each level,

  • Cold ceilings in each habitable room with individual regulation and a monitoring sub-station on each level,

  • Double flow controlled mechanical ventilation in each room, with air recovery in wet rooms and kitchen,

  • Oil heating with a sunken stainless steel 12000 L tank and a Viessmann boiler unit connected to the the KNX system (see below),

  • Hot water for the bathrooms is produced by solar panels located on the roof, a 1st 1000 L buffer tank with a 2nd 600 L buffer tank for sanitary units, the pool and the heating system (cascade system).

  • Cold air produced for confort through a Glycol exchange in the lower garden, with storage unit and control via 3 channels in the garage,

  • Cold air produced for the wine cellar through a Glycol exchange in the lower garden,

Electric and automation specifications:

  • Bus®️ KNS system by Gira, with a central management through the Divius 19" screen located in the living room, alternatively through a computer or a smartphone, and with a distribution board on each level,

  • Cat 7 wiring and BKS Homenet connectors,

  • Individual Sonos sound system in every room, including the garage, and a central Network Attached Storage in the dedicated automation room,

  • Internet Fritzbox and 4 wi-fi points scattered around the house,

  • Video-parlophone connected to Gira system and integrated to the automation system,

  • Video surveillance through 12 security cameras, with recording and control via smartphone and the TVR True Vision system,

  • Intrusion alarm connected to smartphone and to the Dussmann security company.

Other specifications:

  • 3 heads satellite,

  • Fiber optic provided by Post Company,

  • Swimming pool with jet and impulse, swimming area, permanently dehumidified, with air recovery through a ventilation unit totally independent from the rest of the house, automatic water filtering through flocking as well as permanent UV and chlorine treatment,

  • Open fire with external air vent,

  • TV and 5.1 Sono system integrated in the wall in living room,

  • Bar with sink and beer pump, Python system, with 6 or 30 L barrels in the basement,

  • 63 A inverter for all circuits.

Last but not least ........  Stainless steel Lone 630 Kg lift stopping on the 3 levels.




GROUND FLOOR : 253,85 m²


Vestibule : 8,08 m²

Entrance hall: 38,59 m², with lift and staircase,

Living space : 76,04 m², includes :

        - A living of 29,53 m²,

        - A dining room of 24,65 m²

        - A kitchen of 21,86 m²,

Parental suite : 56,12 m² includes :

  • A bedroom of 16,1 m²,

  • A dressing of 20,31 m²,

  • A bathroom of 19,71 m²,

Aquatic centre : 61,95 m², avec :

        - A pool of 27,19 m²,

        - A relaxation space of 34,76 m²

Pantry of 13,07 m²



Covered terrace of 12,8 m²,

Terrace with awning, uncovered, of 23,44 m²,

Balcony of 18,15 m².

1st FLOOR : 158,18 m²


Gallery of 21,25 m²,

The left wing includes:

  • Bedroom 2 of 15,38 m², with its own balcony of 5,31 m², and its en-suite bathroom of 6,76 m²,

  • Bedroom 3 of 17,6 m²,

  • Bedroom 4 / study of 22,9 m²,

The right wing includes:

  • Bedroom 5 / library of 23,38 m²,

  • Bedroom 6 of 15,18 m², with its dressing of 10,13 m² and its bathroom of 6,97 m²,

  • Laundry of 9,75 m².


Roof terrace of 59,9 m²,

Another terrace / sun deck of 26,48 m².


BASEMENT : 254,18 m²


Garage of 190,67 m², with space for diy activities,

Shower room / mud room of 4,23 m²,

Wine cellar of 6,53 m²,

Dressing for shoes of 4,05 m²,

Several storage rooms, safe-deposit box,

Technical rooms,

Tank underneath the pool  (closed space)


P84 Technical specifications
P84 property dimensions
P84 Geographical location
Map 84.png


Link to the site, which is dedicated to the tourism in the Moselle region 


The Moselle region is very touristic. Visit the distilleries, participate to the wine tasting sessions, go walking through the vineyards and enjoy the traditional viticultural celebrations. Enjoy also the natural reserves.



Listed price : 6 125 000 €


Registration tax : 


In the instance of an existing property, the registration tax is calculated based on the total cost of the land and that of the built building .

Rate : 7%

Based on the property price as registered on the Acte de Vente

For instance : 6 125 000 * 7% = 428 750 €

If this property is acquired for an early resale, the tax rate will be different.


Tax rebate / Bëllegen Akt :


Is applicable to the registration tax amount

Each buyer can benefit from the tax rebate

Ceiling of 40 000 € per person for the purchase of a primary residence

If 100% applicable to the above calculated tax, the payable amount for a couple would be 428 750 – 80 000 =  348 750 €.


Ceiling of 20 000 € per person for the purchase of an investment property.


Notary fees : based on the property price as registered on the Acte de Vente, if 6 125 000 € : approx. 3 000 €


Agency fees : payable by the vendor





Feasible to gather them under one package :

- Cover against fire, against forces of nature (tempests, etc), against water damages, glass breakage, against theft

- Civil liability  

- Balance remaining due (when a mortgage has been subscribed to ) 

P84 Fiscal considerations
P84 All photos


Site: 19 ares

Total surface : 858 m² 

Habitable : 470 m²

6 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

An indoor swimming pool

Garage for 12 cars

Numerous large terraces


Listed price: 6 125 000 euros

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