Anxious to loose the control of your sale?

Do you wish to make a new start faster?


To reach your objective, you need

  • A precise valuation of your property

  • A specific sales marketing

  • A maximum of qualified prospects and visits

  • Serious buyers who are able to commit to the purchase



We guarantee you


  1. A complete and specific sales communication, with virtual visits and with fit-out and design proposals, which will generate prospects' interests and trigger their trust,

2. A faultless follow up of the future prospects that you will be able to follow on a weekly basis,

3. A close assistance to the vendors during the period between the signing the Compromis and that of the Acte de Vente.

                                                                          With proven experience:

In-depth knowledge of the Luxembourgish market, of its fiscality,

Experienced in interior architecture


With combined experience, unique in Luxembourg:

In real estate consultancy for the vendors and for the buyers - especially for the anglophone expatriates - who are not always familiar with the buying and selling procedures,

In home staging and bespoke fit-outs


With proven success: 

In residential and commercial selling


With our strong network and our long list of prospects



We will optimise our commercialisation process for a more serene sale at the right price. 

A testimonial from a vendor, Maggie :


"Monde Avenir provided crucial support in selling the house at a time of important transition in my life.   The personal care, professional advice and attention to detail that we experienced really set this company apart.

I would recommend Claire Aumont to anyone looking for top notch quality throughout the process of selling a home hassle-free in Luxembourg."



Before the property goes on the market

Property valuation

Checking of the property paperwork

Home staging consultancy and service as necessary

Defining a sale strategy

Property pictures taken by a professional photographer

Drafting of the advertisement brochures in FR & EN

Launching of internet advertisements

Dispatching of information to our listed prospects


While the property is on the market

Management of requests from prospectors

Property visits

Negotiation with interested prospects

Checking of prospects' solvability

Drafting and signing of the Compromis de Vente


After the signature of the Compromis

Assistance to both parties until the signature of the Acte

Assistance with transfer of utility accounts

Agency fees

3% of the agreed sale price payable by the vendor on the day of the signing of the Acte

Monde Avenir ® is your Real Estate Facilitator to Move In, Move Out, Move On, ®

so contact us now :

Tel : +352 621 355 207

Email: contact@mondeavenir.lu

Address: 4 rue Aloyse Simon, L-8320 Capellen

S.àR.L. Capital : 12500 euros

Autorisation : 10035791/4/5

R.C.S. Lux. : B177722

Matricule: 20132422207

V.A.T. : LU26172666

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Member since 2018

Currently Vice-President

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