Anxious to be mislead about a property ? Wary about not being assisted by the agent ?

Do you simply wish to find the right property for you and your family ?


To reach your objective, you need

  • A well defined rental strategy without false promises, 

  • Access to properties that alone meet your search criteria,

  • Assistance beyond the signing of the Rental Contract with proper entry and exit inventories



We guarantee you

  1. A complete and specific sales communication of each presented properties,

  2. A faultless follow up of each visit and feedback from the landlords,

  3. A close assistance to the tenants until the end of the rental contract (free drafting of contract extensions and free follow up of insurance cover)



With proven experience:

In-depth knowledge of the Luxembourgish market, of its fiscality,

Experienced in interior architecture


With combined experience, unique in Luxembourg:

In real estate consultancy for the landords and for the tenants - especially for the anglophone expatriates - who are not always familiar with the buying and selling procedures,

In home staging and bespoke fit-outs


With proven success: 

In residential and commercial renting


With our strong network and our up to date list of rental properties



We will optimise our commercialisation process for a more serene rental. 


A testimonial from landlords, Serenella and Paolo:

"Madame Aumont est une collaboratrice professionnelle, enthousiaste et motivée, qui gère son travail avec exactitude et précision. Ces caractéristiques en ont fait une précieuse collaboratrice pour nos besoins passés et pour ceux à venir."


Before the property goes on the market

Rent estimation

Checking of the property paperwork

Fitting out if necessary

Drafting of the advertisement brochures in FR & EN

Launching of internet advertisements

Dispatching of information to our listed prospects


While the property is on the market

Management of requests from prospectors

Property visits

Negotiation with interested prospects

Checking of prospects' solvability

Drafting and signing of the Rental Contract


After the signature of the Rental Contract

Entry and exit inventories

Key handover

Assistance with transfer of utility accounts

Assistance to both parties during the rental period

Agency fees

1 month rent exc. charges payable by the tenant on the day of the key handover