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5 strong selling points

Walkthrough of the property

Technical specifications

Property dimensions

Geographical location

Financial and fiscal considerations

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Recap of the key data 


3 bedrooms (potentially 5)

3 bathrooms

46 m2

2 garage spaces, 2 parkings

212 m2 H / 71 NH / 11 ares

Built in 1988


This property is so interesting by many aspects:

  • Its practical geographic location, in the heart of a village with great infrastructures,

  • Its proximity to Luxembourg-Ville that can be reached in a few minutes by car, bus or train,

  • Its unusual architecture which allows for large volumes and for the rooms to be flooded with natural light,

  • The constant presence of the outdoors inside the house,

  • The lifestyle it offers between comfort, relaxation and functionality.


5 points
studioD-MondeAvenir-Steinselbis-52 copy.jpg

The front of the house is an indication of what is about to be unveiled ...

A large driveway in front of the garage allows for 2 cars to park comfortably.

The entrance is rather grand with the staircase and the front balcony.

The house is partially hidden thanks to the mature shrubs and being slightly away from the road. 

studioD-Monde Avenir-Steinsel-107.jpg

The hall is welcoming and the space easy to read. Right away you understand the house is all about natural light, spaciousness and easy flow.

You notice right away how the materials have well aged and how well kept this property has been,

studioD-Monde Avenir-Steinsel-9.jpg

The living / dining is as large as some of the newly built apartments ... 45m2 ! It enjoys large openings on 3 sides, a division in the floor between living and dining and ceilings of various heights to induce  intimacy in the living area and a grander atmosphere in the dining area.

studioD-Monde Avenir-Steinsel-91.jpg

The kitchen is recent and fully equipped with integrated appliances and great storage cabinets. It was built with noble materials, solid wood and granite. It also has a great eating area so you can enjoy the outdoors at every meal.

studioD-Monde Avenir-Steinsel-78.jpg

The family room is also the size of a small apartment ! it is a great space for games and fun activities with children; with all the integrated storage, you know there will be no trace ... and no invasion of toys in your main living space.

There is a study adjoining the family room for the more studious residents.

studioD-Monde Avenir-Steinsel-61.jpg

All 3 existing bedrooms are spacious and allow for sizeable storage whether it is integrated or not.

The master bedroom has en -suite shower and a direct access to the terraces at the back. You just step outside and you can bask in the sun after a long day's work.

Another bedroom has an direct access to the back also.

There is a family bathroom, a shower room, and w.c. for guests.

studioD-MondeAvenir-Steinselbis-1 copy.jpg

The back garden is an essential element of this property. It is landscaped with mature trees / shrubs and has a large shed.

For entertainment, you have the choice: dip in the pool, climb in the tree house or kick the ball on the lawn...a true children' paradise !

Walk trough


Energy Pass F & G

Monthly charges paid by the current owner.

Registered consumption recorded for a family of 4 : 2 adults and 2 children

Gas : from May 2023 to April 2023 : 1632 m3 – two-monthly billing of 136,28 euros

Electricity : from May 2022 to Avril 2023 : 4994 kWh – two-monthly billing of 83,49 euros


Water and waste management billed by the commune:

Check the commune's website for billing rates:

Radiators in every room and old burner in both hall and living room

Double glazed windows


The house is equipped with an alarm.




UPPER LEVEL : 145.4 m²

Hall and landing : 25.7 

Living / dining : 44.7 m²

Kitchen : 22.9 m²

Master bedroom : 16.1 m²

En-suite : 2.1 m²

Family bathroom : 5.5 m²

Bedroom 2 : 10.8 m²

Bedroom 3 : 16.0 m²

Guest w.c. : 1.6 m²

LOWER LEVEL : 67.1 m²

Hall and landing : 18.9 

Family room : 32.6 m²

Study : 11.7 m²

Shower room : 3.9 


Large terraces 

Swimming pool : 46 


Tech Specs
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10.12.28.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10.12.12.png

Mullendorf est situé à quelques minutes au nord de Luxembourg-Ville ; il fait partie de la commune de Steinsel et jouxte le village de Steinsel ; toutes les commodités et services sont à quelques pas de la propriété.


La propriété est située dans une rue peu passante à la fois commerciale et résidentielle.


Ecoles du village de Steinsel
Cycles 2, 3 & 4


Maison Relais dans le village de Steinsel

De nombreuses crèches publiques et privées dans la Commune et sur le chemin de Luxembourg-Ville


Centre médical

Aussi pharmacie et services spécialisés comme un ophtalmologiste


Installations sportives

9 aires de jeux

Pistes cyclables et pédestres

De nombreuses activités sportives comme la course à pied, le pilates, la danse Zumba, le fitness,... sont proposées

Le Pidal Center (complexe aquatique, centre de remise en forme et centre de bien-être) est à quelques minutes en voiture


Commerces : supermarchés dans le village et le long de la route du centre-ville / banques



Centre de recyclage et jardin communautaire

Site de la commune de Steinsel



Prix catalogue : 1 650 000 €


Taxe d'immatriculation : 


Dans le cas d'un bien existant, la taxe d'enregistrement est calculée sur la base du coût total du terrain et de celui de l'immeuble construit.

Taux : 7%

Basé sur le prix de l'immobilier tel qu'inscrit sur l'Acte de Vente

Par exemple : 1 650 000 * 7% = 115 500 €


Remboursement fiscal / Bëllegen Akt :


Est applicable au montant de la taxe d'enregistrement

S'applique uniquement aux résidences principales

Chaque acquéreur peut bénéficier de l'Akt

Plafond de 30 000 € par personne

Si 100% s'applique à la taxe calculée ci-dessus, le montant à payer serait de 115 500 - 60 000 = 55 500 €.


Si ce bien est acquis pour une revente anticipée, le taux d'imposition sera différent. Dans ce cas, la détaxe n'est pas applicable.


Frais de notaire : sur la base du prix du bien tel qu'inscrit à l'Acte de Vente, si 1 650 000 € : env. 2 595 €


Honoraires d'agence : à la charge du vendeur





Possibilité de les regrouper sous un seul colis :

- Couverture contre l'incendie, contre les forces de la nature (tempêtes, etc.), contre les dégâts des eaux, bris de glace, contre le vol

- Responsabilité civile  

- Solde restant dû (lorsqu'un crédit immobilier a été souscrit)