No time to prospect ? Not in the country to prospect ?

Not sure where to look ? 

Wishing for a process as smooth as possible so you move out, move in and move on?


To reach your objective, you need

  • A well defined list of search criteria 

  • Access to properties that alone meet your search criteria,

  • Assistance through the buying / renting process



We guarantee you

  1. The precise listing of realistic search criteria,

  2. Well documented properties that we have actually surveyed / visited,

  3. Assistance until you get the keys of the properties and beyond ... if you wish us to fit it out!



With proven experience:

In-depth knowledge of the Luxembourgish market, of its fiscality,

Experienced in interior architecture


With combined experience, unique in Luxembourg:

In real estate consultancy for the landords and for the tenants - especially for the anglophone expatriates - who are not always familiar with the buying and selling procedures,

In home staging and bespoke fit-outs


With proven success: 

In residential buying and renting


With our strong network and our up to date list of available properties



We will optimise our search process so we can offer you a more serene experience 



Defining your ideal property

A list of requirements is established with the prospector before any engagement.


We only suggest to you properties, which criteria clearly correspond to the pre-defined ones.

Agency fees

In the case of a purchase: 1.5% of the agreed purchase price

In the case of a rental: 1 month rent (min: 2000 euros)

Monde Avenir ® is your Real Estate Facilitator to Move In, Move Out, Move On, ®

so contact us now :

Tel : +352 621 355 207

Email: contact@mondeavenir.lu

Address: 4 rue Aloyse Simon, L-8320 Capellen

S.àR.L. Capital : 12500 euros

Autorisation : 10035791/4/5

R.C.S. Lux. : B177722

Matricule: 20132422207

V.A.T. : LU26172666

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