The majority of people react to what they see and not what they do not see.

Non visible m3, an inadequate layout, an unpleasant smell will not only refrain your property from selling but it will help the others to sell.

Home Staging is not a decorating style, it is a tool … A tool which allows your property to be distinctive and to sell quicker at market price.

Here is the 4 R rule:

Re-allocate :

Declutter / recycle / re-allocate temporarily to storage: the time has come to get rid of what you have accumulated and that you do not need anymore. De-personalise your interior. Do no distract visitors with family portraits, personal mementos that are meaningful only to you. Play the following game: put away all clues about what you look like, what are all your hobbies, tidy up if you are not usually a tidy person. Lastly make sure that everything looks to be in the right place and that there is a place for everything.

Repair :

It is the time to take on all the small repair jobs you have been putting on the long finger until now: replace blown bulbs, fixed loose electrical wires, redo shower and bath joints if necessary, trim hedges. You want to give the impression you have always taken care of the property, you need the visitors to trust that the property is generally in good working order.

Refresh :

Anything, which looks worn out, will look even worse in the eyes of the visitors that lack your indulgence. Repaint some walls, deep clean your spaces, your window dressings, your removable sofa covers. Power clean the outdoor spaces. Spring clean your property even though this may not be spring time.

Re-organise :

It may be the time to remove the bulky furniture so that you can show space and volume. Too many pieces give the impression that you do not have enough space and the visitors will interpret it as the property being too small. Do not push all furniture against the walls, re-organise seating in a circle, place all dining chairs around the table. Do not block neither the openings nor the traffic paths. Let the natural light come in and make sure every room looks lived in.

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