How to furnish a property you are renting? From a tenant's perspective

When I moved to Luxembourg, we left our furniture behind us. Firstly because it made more sense to rent our own home as a furnished property secondly because too many items had been custom-designed and would therefore not fit into any new home.

We knew we would not rent forever so we went to everyone’s favourite “cheap and cheerful” furniture shop. The challenge was then to put our own stamp in each room to feel at home. This is what I did and what I advise you to do in turn:

  • Always respect the volumes; furniture must not look too big nor too small,

  • Decide on a colour scheme and stick to it. One easy trick is to work with several neutrals : white, black and greys and combine with one dominant colour, and possibly another one, used more sparingly,

  • Landlords often impose a no-hole policy. It does not mean that you cannot hang anything on the walls but that you must be careful with the nails you use: the thinner the better (refill the holes with toothpaste but do not tell anyone I told you!). Nowadays there are also several brands of non-permanent sticky tapes that leave hardly no trace on the walls,

  • Surround yourself with small accessories you love: pictures, books or whatever you like looking at,

  • Pay special attention to the functional accessories such as the bedding and the bath towels. Choose really nice and good quality items; the whole space will instantly feel more precious and luxurious.

Enjoy decorating !

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