Casco: what is it?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In commercial real estate, what does “casco” mean?

The term “casco” designates a building for which only the external and bearing structure have been completed; the internal fit-out has not been addressed yet.

At the time of building the seller does not know what the space will be used for: a restaurant, a fitness centre, a hairdresser or a furniture store? Each business will require specific fittings with specific technical installations. In order not to narrow the target market the seller chooses then to present the space unfinished.

This allows the new owner / tenant to complete the interior as needed.

When visiting, do not be put off by the possible darkness and the small size of the space. Once the concrete disappears and the white surfaces such as plaster, appear, the space seems to gain in volume and brightness.

Picture: commercial units to rent in the Triologie Building in Leudelange

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