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⚠️ Beware of scams! ⚠️

▶️ You are a foreign student / young professional who is moving to Luxembourg for an apprenticeship / a “V.I.E.” / work experience,

▶️ You are looking for temporary accommodation from the comfort of your home abroad,

Guess what  ?

✅ you are an ideal target for scammers!


So follow the tips below to outsmart them !


1️⃣          Deal with a professional person, a business and not with a private person hiding behind a digital avatar

·      Check that the business exists beyond a social network group

·      Check for proof of commercial activities and business details

·      Ask a friend already present in Luxembourg to investigate for you


2️⃣        Check the property to rent

·      Go on Google maps to compare received pictures and assumed surroundings

·      Contact neighbouring businesses to confirm rental activities

·      Ask a friend to go and visit on your behalf

·      Ask for a live virtual visit and ask to see the street


3️⃣        Do not send any money before you sign a rental contract

·      Only sign a contract on letterhead that you can check

·      Transfer monies to a local bank account that physically exists

·      Quite likely if findings on points 1 & 2 add up, it is safe enough to sign and pay.


You are never too careful 💝 and enjoy Luxembourg !

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