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8 reasons to consider now and with Monde Avenir an office in a coworking space

1. With teleworking being so popular, coworking spaces are less frequented and therefore safer in pandemic times,

2. It is often possible to domicile its business there,

3. All the necessary facilities - furniture, w.c., kitchen area, photocopy service - are organized for you,

4. You benefit from additional spaces such as a lounge or a videoconference room,

5. Open spaces allow you to network safely,

6. The centers we work with can offer you closed offices of various sizes once you grow; you don't have to change your address,

7. Rental contracts can be short-term and easily adapted if you change office within the same business center,

8. The co-working space remains the most economical solution for working outside your home!

We work with 12 coworking centers for a total offer of 270 coworking desks in Luxembourg-City and around.

Visit all our centers on our dedicated page :

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