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P84 Pictures

3 bedrooms

249.20 m2 

3 bathrooms, 1 separ. w.c.

Built in 2018

P84 Strong Points


This property is rare by many aspects:

  • Its exceptional location in the heart of Luxembourg City, a few steps from the Grand-Ducal Palace in the Unesco protected area, and its amazing views to the Grund below and the Station District beyond,

  • Its technical equipments which make it a well performing, efficiently managed property while preserving their historical look.

  • Its architectural beauty, between historic remains and modernity,

  • Its ready-to-move-in condition,

  • The promise of an exceptional way of life, between comfort, functionality and pleasure.


P84 Walkthrough

Even before entering the duplex, you feel the grandeur of the history of the place. Entrance is from the old path to the Lower Town and the Grund, which is now covered and enclosed within the site.

The duplex has been developed in the annexes of the Cloister, the oldest of which date from the 18th century.

The rear of the duplex overlooks the Corniche and offers exceptional views of the Court, the modern buildings of the station district and below, the Grund area and the Abbaye of Neumünster.

livng 2.jpg

The living room, which is located in the most recent body of the building, has large openings towards the terrace. The room is bathed in natural light.

cuisine 11.jpg

The older body of the building houses the kitchen. The windows, high, serve the two levels. In the kitchen they give an almost ecclesiastical atmosphere.

The very modern kitchen is fully equipped (extra large hob, integrated hood, ovens, large fridge and freezer) and large enough to prepare large banquets which can be served in the adjoining dining room.

sam 5.jpg

The dining room is also located in the older part of the building. It is large enough to accommodate a 10 people table.

chambre 1.jpg

At the top of the stairs we first find a wide corridor which can be transformed into a gallery or library.

It leads to 3 suites with bedroom, dressing and bathroom / shower room.

The largest suite is located in the old building above from the dining room.

sdb 1 2.jpg

Two of the 3 wet rooms have both a bathtub and a separated shower unit. 

Each wet rooms has a shower unit, a large wash hand basin and w.c..

chambre 3 2.jpg

Each suite with double bedrooms are bright and they offer breathtaking views of the Lower Town and of the Station District.

P84 Technical specifications


visible or not that make this complex an exceptional ensemble.


Structural specifications:

  • Exterior walls restored as necessary and with natural coatings according to the advice of experts (Service des Sites et des Monuments Historiques, the City of Luxembourg, etc.),

  • Shear walls constructed with reinforced concrete walls and concrete block masonry,

  • The exterior joinery has been replaced identically aesthetically; the frames are made of wooden profiles and the double glazing,

  • Preserved slabs reinforced and new screeds built floating, with on the slab, an acoustic buffer, and under the slab, in plaster coating, a cold ceiling or a false ceiling in plasterboard.

  • As far as possible, the mouldings of historical interest have been preserved,

  • Acoustic insulation according to Euro Code specifications.


Heating and ventilation specifications:

  • Gas heating, with a 1st common temperature regulation and a second independent per apartment.

  • Underfloor heating, electric towel rails in the bathrooms,

  • Double flow ventilation in all living rooms and recovery in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen,

  • Cooling system by cold ceiling circuits, activated by contacts on the windows,


Electrical specifications and automation:

  • Electrical installation: Gira type Esprit system,

  • Spotlights integrated into the ceilings already installed in all rooms,

  • KNX/BACKNET IP/LON home automation system) allows the management and control of lighting, sound broadcasting, the temperature of the private areas, the video-intercom system, each apartment is equipped with a 9-inch display and control screen with possibility of control via iPad or iPhone,

  • Wiring completed for telephone, TV and DATA, and a telephone concierge in each apartment,

  • Empty tubes were installed in the cast walls for the embedding of additional equipment. A connection to a satellite dish for 120 television programs is installed.

  • Individual MULTI-ROOM sound system REVOX system, in all rooms, and connected to the home automation system,

  • The replacement power supply is guaranteed by a 180 KVA generator, a diesel engine is powered by a main fuel tank of 2000L,


Other specifications:

  • A video surveillance system is installed in the common areas and is connected to a supervision station managed by the caretaker,

  • 3 video-intercom stations are installed at the main entrance and other exterior accesses and they are connected to the concierge lodge in addition to the connections in each apartment,

  • The entire building is monitored by an automatic fire detection installation comprising automatic and manual detection elements as well as sound devices placed punctually,

  • Exterior access to the building and technical rooms are controlled by badge readers, access to the private areas controlled by digicodes, badge readers or other.


P84 property dimensions
P84 Geographical location


Lower level

Upper level


From the Grand-Ducal Palace, Notre-Dame Cathedral, historical and tourist sites, museums, restaurants, cafes, brand stores and others,



Registration tax : 


In the instance of an existing property, the registration tax is calculated based on the total cost of the land and that of the built building .

Rate : 7%

Based on the property price as registered on the Acte de Vente

For instance :

5 900 000 * 7% = 413 000 €

4 600 000 * 7% = 322 000 €

If this property is acquired for an early resale, the tax rate will be different.

Tax rebate / Bëllegen Akt :


Is applicable to the registration tax amount

Each buyer can benefit from the tax rebate

The ceiling is of 40 000 € per person if the property is purchased to be the primary residence, 

The ceiling is of 20 000 € per person if the property is purchased as an investment.

Notary fees : based on the property price as registered on the Acte de Vente,

If the sale price is 4 600 000 / 5 900 000 € : about 3 009 €

If the sale price is 1 985 000 € : about 2 763 €


Agency fees : payable by the vendor





Feasible to gather them under one package :

- Cover against fire, against forces of nature (tempests, etc), against water damages, glass breakage, against theft

- Civil liability  

- Balance remaining due (when a mortgage has been subscribed to ) 



They include concierge fees, maintenance of common areas, water and gas consumption, etc.

Only subscriptions for personal electricity consumption and for internet / telephony contracts are not included.

P84 Fiscal considerations
P84 All photos
P84 recap


Total surface : 249.20 m² 

Habitable : 249.20 m²

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

Terrace: 103.19 m²

Inc. garden: 30.53 m²


Listed price: 5 900 000 euros

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