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Give your company an exceptional address and make history in turn!

Have you ever imagined working in a place marked with history ?

Recently discovered during excavations under the Cloister, this unique place offers an incredible space, articulated around the remains from the 7th century.

Two entrances, rue Large and Rue Sigefroi, take you through a maze of rooms with modern amenities.

Shower rooms, a kitchenette and a staff apartment complete the space.

In an Unesco classified area

Listed price: 3 000 000 euros

Benefit from an extraordinary atmosphere

Develop your creativity

Offer an exceptional place of work for your teams and clients

Reinforce the identity of your company



The 468.99 m² are distributed as follows:

A direct entrance from Rue Large

Two indirect entrances from Rue Sigefroi and Rue Large, passing through the interior of the Cloister with access by elevator or stairs

Hall / reception areas

Open spaces separated from each other by a few steps up or down and vaulted passages

More discreet spaces for open or closed offices

An isolated space containing a bedroom, a bathroom with toilet and a beautiful shower that seems to have been carved in stone

An complete apartment with a shower room

A last space with kitchenette and several toilets and a shower.


They are spacious, bright and totally unusual;
you are sure to score the minds of your visitors.

All as spacious as the reception areas, they are distributed around the preserved ruins and benefit from generous and modern technical finishes; they are also very well lit.