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Anxious that you will not find a suitable Luxembourgish property on time?

You want to feel settled as quickly and smoothly as possible?


With Monde Avenir, you will


Receive from the comfort of your home country the answers to all the questions that you have about your future move


Thanks to:

The video exchanges we will organise with you


Find the property that will make your Luxembourgish experience a memorable one


Thanks to:


Our ability to truly listen to you and understand your needs,

Our network of private landlords and other actors on the real estate market,

Our in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourgish infrastructures, schools, administrations, mobility,

Our own expat experience,


We facilitate your relocation process so you can feel at home as soon as you move in.


Like many other expats, you may decide to stay on for a little longer than planned


Presentation - Your journey through the


Here are some questions we received.

I am being told that rents are very high in Luxembourg. Is it true?

Rents are high in Luxembourg City and around the capital in the neighbouring towns. Demand is high and offer too scarce.

What is the average cost per m2 for a rental property?

In Luxembourg City and around, in January 2023, you were expected to pay in average 26,85 euro / m2  (Source: Observatoire de l'habitat).

What is the average cost per m2 for a property for sale?

In Luxembourg City and around, in January 2023, you were expected to pay in average 11423 euro / m2 (Source: Observatoire de l'habitat).

Is co-location a popular option in Luxembourg?

Co-location is indeed increasingly popular due to the high rents. Choose your co-location carefully so it is an enjoyable experience.

What is the usual warranty for a rental property?


As this question relates to the current legislation - for expats and locals alike! - it is the object of an article on the blog (see "warranty"). 

I heard rentals go very fast, is it true?

They can indeed as there is a permanent shortage of properties around Luxembourg.

Which towns and neighbourhoods should I avoid?

Luxembourg is generally safe and certainly safer than many other countries. It is actually a great country to raise children and give them some freedom of movement from the age of adolescence. But like anywhere else, it is good to be careful during night hours.

What do I do if I do not get on with my landlord?

Now this is not a frequent occasion. You read the worse stories on the social networks but let's be honest very few people relate happy stories! If unfortunately there is some friction between you and your landlord, resolving the issue will depend on its type. First port of call : the rental contract and its clauses. If the tenant is being unreasonable, it will play against him. Reciprocally if the landlord is being unreasonable, the tenant has the possibility to ask the "juge de paix" at the Cité Judiciaire to arbitrate.

I hear traffic is difficult in Luxembourg, what is the best way to commute?

Public transport is free so avail of the train lines, bus lines, tram lines to your heart's content.

Some 200 000 Frenchs, Belgians and Germans cross the borders every day to work in Luxembourg and many of them come by car so there is traffic at peak times around the city. 

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