Anxioux that your next commercialisation will drag on ?

Do you wish to move on to your next project faster ?


In order for you to reach your objective, you will need

  • An exact evaluation of the selling prices

  • A well defined marketing strategy

  • A maximum of prospects and visits

  • Serious buyers committed to sign the Actes de Vente


We guarantee you


  1. a complete and precise sale communication, with proposals of fit-outs and interior design concepts, that will interest the prospects and gain their trust,

  2. a faultless follow up of the future buyers, follow up that you will receive on a weekly basis,

  3. a close assistance to the buyers during and after the end of the construction in order to win their loyalty



With proven experience:

In-depth knowledge of the Luxembourgish market, of its fiscality,

Experienced in interior architecture


With combined experience, unique in Luxembourg:

In real estate consultancy for the buyers - especially for the anglophone expatriates - who are not always familiar with the buying and selling procedures,

In home staging and bespoke fit-outs


With proven success:

In residential and commercial selling

With our strong network and our long list of prospects

We accelerate the commercialisation process of your projects so you can move on to the next one faster

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